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Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Yesterday marked an exciting day for me, I finally have some of my products for sale in a store.

One of the first pieces that I ever completed was a standard Pokeball, nothing fancy but I loved it. I never thought that one day I would be selling them in a shop.


I spent 2 nights just cranking them out, creating this website and connecting it to as many social media outlets as I felt I could maintain. I drew up business cards and when all was said and done, I went into town and printed them up.

business card.png

As I entered L.A Mood, a small comic book and table-top gaming store, I was nervous. The lady in charge however was incredibly nice and we worked out a deal.

So if you are looking for the right gear to help with catching them all, you can pick up one of my Pokeballs for $5.00.




What is HookCrux? HookCrux is derived from "Horcrux", a powerful object in which a Dark wizard or witch has hidden a fragment of his or her soul for the purpose of attaining immortality. I like to think that with every product I make, a fragment of my soul weaves its way into the stitching. I may not have a wand, but with my hook, I can produce magic.

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