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This weekend I vow to finish this scarf! 

I’m so close to finishing the Hufflepuff scarf that I just need put my nose to the yarn-stone and get it done. 

Now, if only I could get permission from my supurrrvisor…..

Yesterday I picked up more yarn for my next commission, a fox hat for an old high-school buddy of mine. 

Picked these up at Michael’s for about 13 bucks. Usually this would have cost me around 20, I had a couple coupons though and I’m pleased with myself. 

3:00pm- Just finished the body of the scarf and now I have to weave in the ends, do the border and fringe. 

I may have gotten sidetracked again, this time by food. 

Curry and rice is always good on a rainy day. And now that I have finished that, it is time to continue working on weaving in those ends…maybe a cup of coffee first. 

5:00pm – Just finished weaving in the ends, finally. Now just need to tackle the border and fringe before washing, potentially felting and docking the scarf into shape. 

Monday,  3:30pm – It took longer than anticipated, however I finished the fringe on the scarf and am all set to hand wash this bad boy. 

While it is drying, I will take the chance to clean all the tiny bits of yarn that have infiltrated my bed. 

This is all showing me that what I really need is a decent camera. 

Hope your weekend was great and that your Monday isn’t horrible to you. 



What is HookCrux? HookCrux is derived from "Horcrux", a powerful object in which a Dark wizard or witch has hidden a fragment of his or her soul for the purpose of attaining immortality. I like to think that with every product I make, a fragment of my soul weaves its way into the stitching. I may not have a wand, but with my hook, I can produce magic.

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