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Everybody Wants to be a Cat

As things are warming up and the need for hats and scarves becomes less of a necessity, I find myself struggling to find projects to work on for the warmer seasons.

Living in the city means that riding the LTC is just a part of regular everyday life; you take the bus to work or to school or when you are on your way to your friend’s house. The survival pack of the regular rider tends to consist of:

  • (1) cup of something tasty to drink. Usually procured from the nearest Tim Hortons
  • An over-large back of some sort. This is useful for blocking off the seat beside you so that you are not forced to interact with some random other LTC Warrior.
  • Headphones. These tend to be anything from the tiny Apple earbuds that are easy for tangling up in your pocket and using as a way to expel verbal aggressions at a later date; to the swankier Beats by Dre.

It was the sight of these headphones on a fellow weary traveler that caught my eye and gave me the idea to make this:


Not as flashy, I will be the first to admit but they sure were fun to make.

As I look towards craft fair season, I start to see dollar signs when considering all the options for customization.

I am opening up orders for customized headsets, I will mod your current headphones for $20.00 or if you want to purchase a specific brand of headphones for me to modify then the pricing is dependent on the headset selected.

Because who doesn’t want to be a cat? 


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Things sure have changed here on Walton’s Mountain

This was written while on vacation and is being published post-trip.

Boy do I hate busses. I finally managed to scrounge up the gold coins to make the trek back up north to visit my parents; one 8:30am bus ride later and I arrive around 5pm just in time for dinner. 

After Chinese food with the grandparents, parental units and their spawn, I finally get to collapse into bed. 

Going home is always a tiring expedition but my father heard tale of a yarn store going out of business so I woke up bright and early, pumped some coffee into myself and we ventured over to Steadman’s. 

I managed to find some lovely colours and I cannot wait to get back to London and start in on them. 

This morning however I hop into another car to drive down another long stretch of highway. Robin and her mother are taking me to see Robin’s sister and her baby boy Forest. If you recall, a while back I made this blanket in the hopes of gifting it to the little man. 

I hope that they like the blanket, it is one of my favorite pieces. 

On Sunday I am going to get the chance to connect with another old high-school friend and meet his growing family. It was a last minute plan so I had to work all night to finish this Elephant Snuggle in time to see them. 

Somewhere throughout the creation process, I name her Harriet Elephanté.

All of my younger friends seem to be adulting at an alarming rate that my hook can’t keep up with!

Once I return to London I am going to need to start restocking for craft fairs,  if anyone has patterns that they know are crowd pleasers I would love to see them. 

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Quick update

I finally finished the abstract cat scarf and decided to make a headband to match. 

They are both very cozy and I’m tempted to keep them instead of selling them at the fair. 

For anyone interested, the scarf will be $25.00 and the headband $15.00. Or if purchased as a set the total is $35.00.

Well, time to make something else and fill up that table! 

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Feline Good

I am absolutely in love with this stitch! So much so that the scarf seemingly crochets itself leaving my mind to wander. 

Have you ever been midway through a project and suddenly you think up a new project? And that new project seems suddenly more exciting than the one you are currently elbows deep in? 

I call this the Creator’s Curse. Sure it has its perks; you improve your speed to hasten the start of your next piece but sometimes it leaves you with a pile of half finished work.

Where was I going with this? I can’t recall, oh well. 

Off to bed with me! 

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Everybody wants to be a cat.

With Halloween right around the corner and a craft fair on the 4th, I have found inspiration in my furry babies. 

I am making a couple abstract cat scarves and I’m loving how it is turning out so far. 

This cute stitch is perfect for cat lovers and it comes together quickly and easily. 

What Halloween projects are on your hook this week?