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Reclaimed Crochet: Over-Sized Wearble Blanket

Boy, it sure has been a while since I have done one of these, eh? I am back with another crochet transformation that I cannot wait to show you all, so without further ado, let’s get started!

Here is what we are Reclaiming today:


This poor, unloved blanket was found at my local thrift store for just under $5.00 CAD. I was large enough to drape over my double bed and was so soft that I am astounded anyone let it go. Upon closer inspection, I found a few problem areas but I was certain I could clean ‘er up and work around them in order to give this blanket a new life.

Problem area #1: Odd, yellow-y fluff.

It was embedded in the yarn and I could only assume, it was some type of pet fur. Luckily, it was fairly easy to remove with a pair of small scissors, good lighting, and a careful hand.

With that out of the way, it was time to address the larger issue, the unsightly seam that ran straight down the center of the blanket.

Problem area #2: The construction of the blanket.

I really wish I knew why the original maker of this piece decided to make 2 different panels and stitch them together to make this blanket. Maybe it was for ease of travel so they could work on a larger project while on the go. Whatever the reason, it left a hard to miss seam down the body of the blanket.

This, I have to admit had me stumped for a moment as to how I would go about Reclaiming this piece. Should I just rip out the whole blanket and straight up just reuse this gorgeous, soft, liliac yarn? I didn’t much enjoy the thought of spending my day frogging. Besides, that is hardly very creative of me now is it?

So here is what I did instead:

I decided that the best way to hide the seam would be to turn the blanket into something wearable and then use a second, bolder colour to distract from the unsightly seam. I figured that if I could somehow get the seam to run in line with my waist horizontally, then your eyes would just kind of, gloss over it.

So, I went to work folding the blanket this way and that until I had origami’d it into something new. I took some gray yarn I had in my stash that was of similar weight and used that to make my new folds stitch together.


The final result proved to be rather difficult to photograph without help but I did manage it.

Here it is, an over-sized wearable blanket that is sure to keep you warm and cozy while you snuggle up with that book and a cuppa.


I am pleased to offer this incredibly cozy over-sized wearable blanket for just $30.00 CAD+ Shipping. As usual, if you live locally and are able to come pick it up then we wave the shipping fee.

I encourage you all to head to your local thrift stores and see if you can find yourself something to Reclaim.

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Cozy Kitty Cloak

About a month or so ago, I decided that I needed to make myself something for a change (which is rare as most things I make tend to find their way to other people eventually) and so I ventured out to Micheals with a friend.

I had already decided that I was going to make a blanket, winter was looming on the horizon and I could already feel the chill in the air during the wee hours of the morning. I envisioned curling up in this new, thick and cozy blanket with a cup of tea, a kitty and a good book. With that image cemented in my mind, I wandered the aisles and stalked for the perfect yarn.

At this point, I had pretty much decided on 2 things, firstly the blanket would be grey and white(or cream) and secondly, I was going to use bulky yarn for this piece. That was it. I had no plan for the actual pattern I would use and this made deciding on the amount of yarn needed a tad difficult.

I settled on using the Loops & Threads Charisma, and grabbed myself 3 of the Charisma BIG! in Steel and 2 of the 100g Off White; I shuffled off with my friend and discussed patterns on the way home.

Part of my ‘process’ when deciding on what to use a specific yarn for, is to hand-wind my yarn into center-pull balls. This gives me the opportunity to really get acquainted with my yarn; as odd a concept as this may sound, it allows me to discover imperfections in the yarn prior to using it in a project. If the yarn feels too scratchy or is thinner/thicker than anticipated, then I now have the time to consider how I am going to tackle these issues while I wind the yarn.

The yarn winding itself, I find can be rather therapeutic at times. However, let’s return our focus to the actual project.

While winding the yarn this time, I discovered that a few of the yarn balls were cut oddly and had multiple ends. (My total for one ball was 5 extra ends, which although annoying, did make me chuckle a little.) I also realized that this yarn was much heavier than I had first assumed but was also much softer.

Okay so, I have had this pattern saved for ages and it was just perfect for this yarn; the only issue is that the pattern was not for a blanket, it was for a hooded scarf. A hooded cat scarf.

So I gave in and I made the scarf, and as I made it, I silently mourned the loss of my cuddly winter blanket.



When I had finished, I was pleased with the outcome but, it seemed to be missing….something. Again, I saw my cozy blanket in my mind but this time it looked a tad different; I messaged my friend for another ride to pick up more yarn (got severely motion sick on the ride back), and returned home with 3 more balls of the Charisma BIG! and some impulse yarn to be used later.

I went through my ritual of winding the yarn and then grabbed the Cat Scoodie I had just completed and got to work. Here is the end result:



I LOVE  how this turned out. This Hooded Cat Blanket was so much fun to make and I cannot wait to finish writing up the pattern and pricing it out so that I can offer it for sale.  Final count, approximately 5 balls of Loops & Threads Charisma BIG! in Steel and 1 ball of Off White Loops & Threads Charisma 100g.

The cloak is long enough to cover you and house a cuddle buddy for when you are curled up with that book, and it is short enough to wear around the house on a chilly morning while you prepare your tea. It has slits for your arms but comes with a button near the neck to hold it on your person if you want to keep your arms tucked in.

The pockets are a wonderful feature, (I am considering adding more on the interior) they are large enough to keep your hands cozy or carry your phone, glasses or pet rat. No? Just me? Hmm, okay.

One thing that I didn’t anticipate however is just how heavy this cloak is. It isn’t cumbersome by any means, but it has the bonus effect of acting like a weighted blanket (these have been known to aid in managing anxiety as well as providing added comfort to those who live with autism).

The added weight will bump up the shipping cost, but I will work that out in a little bit.

So, what do you all think? I look forward to curling up in bed with my cats, a cup of tea and a good book while the snow makes its silent descent to cover us in a blanket of its own.

UPDATE: I finished pricing out this piece and should you wish to commission one for yourself or another individual, you can for $126.14 +Shipping CAD

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WIP Wednesday: Chevrons and Cat for Scale 

This past weekend Anthony and I made the trek to Michael’s and I snagged a couple balls of Aqua Loops & Threads for 55% off one of them. 

Although it is one of the staples of crochet, I admit to never having completed a chevron blanket so I decided it was about time to give it a go. 

So far I’m pleased with how it is turning out. I plan on adding a large border and making this my comfy reading blanket, because who doesn’t love to cocoon up with a good book?

So, what’s on your hook this Wednesday?

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Rainy day, lazy day. 

I woke up today to an overcast sky and a fog that made me fear Dementors were lurking outside my door. 

I love rainy days, it allows me a guilt free reason to hunker down with a hank of yarn, my kitties and a cup of tea. 

So far, I am just shy of 100 red pixel squares out of the 299 needed for the Horde Crest portion of my wall hanging. 

I am not looking forward to having to hide all those tails . At the mention of tails, Poe wishes to share his with you. Well, his bum anyways. 

Hopefully my next update will be one where I am into the black pixels. 

Happy hooking!

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For the Horde!

A while back I mentioned a large scale project that was in the works. Today, I feel ready to show you all what I’m creating. 

As a few of you might know, I am a huge fan of Blizzard Entertainment and World of Warcraft, an mmorpg.

I am a tried and true Hordie and ages ago I picked up a couple balls of Red Heart Super Saver in red and black for a wall hanging that I just never got around to designing.

I rediscovered said yarn while going through my stash and decided it was time . 

I am using Pixel Squares to make the Horde symbol. The squares are just the first round of a granny square worked in worsted weight yarn with a 5mm hook so that they look a little “poofy”.

So far, I have made 35 pixels out of the 299 red ones required for the wall hanging. I have a long way to go. 

I am hoping that I can sell this as my first major sized project so if you are interested in purchasing it upon completion, feel free to drop me a line. 

Lok’tar Ogar friends.